David Arnot-Johnston
Music Teacher

Lessons available online and in-person (when it is safe to do so) in:

voice (classical or music theatre)

piano (beginner or intermediate classical / jazz)

brass (trumpet and trombone)

guitar (beginner classical or folk/rock)

violin (beginners)

Very reasonable rates:

I teach 30, 45, or 60 minute classes. Parents are welcome to attend.

For information on rates, please email me at darnot.johnston@utoronto.ca

Teaching Experience:

I have taught music to children (grades 1-12; ages 6-17) and adults in schools and universities for over 30 years, including:

  • Etobicoke School of The Arts (music theatre, voice)
  • National Ballet School of Canada (voice, percussion, guitar)
  • Branksome Hall (voice, percussion, guitar)
  • Toronto French School (voice, percussion, guitar, band, strings)
  • Lakefield Music for Adults (voice, early music ensemble)
  • Tafelmusik Baroque Institute, University of Toronto (early music ensembles)
  • Hart House, University of Toronto (conductor, Hart House Singers)

For information about my experience as a conductor, singer and arranger, please visit my main page here.

photo of David Arnot-Johnston

Degrees and Certificates:

  • Master of Music (M.Mus.), University of Toronto
  • Koninklijk Conservatorium Certificaat Oude Muziek (Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Early Music Certificate)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus.Ed.), University of Toronto
  • Ontario College of Teachers (OCT); member in good standing
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Security Check (VSS)
  • Suzuki Violin Teacher (books 1 and 2)


students (children and adults):

Thanks for a great year in your music class. Music Night was great. I had so much fun! — Alex K.

Thank you for this amazing year in music! You taught me so much throughout this time and I wanted to thank you for being such a great music teacher! — Talise M.

I want to thank you for being such an amazing music teacher. Even though we were loud during class you were still very nice to us. You made us "pros." Thanks to you, we now know how to sing in different languages. — Charlotte

Thank you for another amazing year of music classes! I've learned so much on the drums and have improved a lot since the start thanks to you. Thank you so much for always trying to teach me new techniques and new beats. — Meghan P.

Thanks for making music so fun! I will keep all I have learnt from you with me forever. — Laura M.

I never was very enthusiastic about singing but you changed that and made me want to learn about Mozart and Beethoven. Thank you. — Renée

Thanks for all your efforts - most especially your enthusiasm! Your passion is contagious and has made singing a very rewardable experience for me. — Andrea P.

After every one of our jam sessions, I can't help but look forward to the following rehearsal. The combination of upbeat pieces we play, along with your hearty behaviour, most notably from your spirited solos, are clear indications of your passion and joy of music. I just want to say that I truly appreciate your devotion to the jazz ensemble, and the school music programme. You gave me useful tips on piano improvisation that have inspired me to further enhance my improvisation skills, and to explore many other styles of piano playing. — Harold C.

I loved your music class, it was great. Music Night was the best. You're a great teacher. — Brittany B.


A heartfelt thanks for instilling in [child’s name] a sense of music in all languages. My sincere appreciation for your dedication, knowledge, and love of music you radiate to your students. — Jocelyn M.

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent performance by the students at the winter recital. Your enthusiasm for music and voice is infectious and obviously translated itself into a fine performance. Thank you! — Theresa P.

Many thanks for working with so many students. The music really sets a lovely tone and the students are so proud of their work. Congratulations on a job well done! — Kim E.

I was surprised by the superb presentation and congratulate you on a job well-done! It is most apparent by the way the children speak about you, that they love your classes and the work you are doing. Thank you so much for helping to make learning fun. — Lee H.

UNBELIEVABLE! So joyous. Such a high! Fabulous. — Diane H.

What an exhilarating night! From the outset, the audience sensed a spirit of unity. The love and respect demonstrated by students and parents is unique in my experience as teacher and principal. — Mora O.

I had a wonderful time at your school concert. I don't know how you did it! The enthusiasm of those kids is phenomenal. — Hugh M.

As a musician, I can appreciate the incredible amount of work which went into preparing all the music enjoyed during the show. I thought the entire evening was perfectly delightful and very professional, but what impressed me the most was the joy and enthusiasm which was so obvious on the students' faces. They were totally engaged and involved wholeheartedly. Thank you for fostering and encouraging a sincere love of music in my daughter. — Susan R.

You have allowed the students to discover their hidden talents. Thank you for bringing us all so much joy. — Michele D.